Very Scary

   If any of you has ever had to write an essay, or newsletter, or Christmas letter, or been put on the spot,  you'll know how I feel right now. How can I possibly come up with anything new to say that hasn't already been said? Does anyone actually read things? Yikes.  So, here goes the first entry in the "blog" category. Hmmm, do I portray myself as very organized? Well, then I can't write about how I got a panicked call from my 14 year-old this afternoon that I was almost half an hour late picking her up from volleyball practice and "the coaches are still here and -you-were-late-last-time!" Oh dear. (I pulled up and she was sitting on a bench around the corner from the coaches trying to hide the fact that she was still there. Thank goodness she wasn't the last one.)

   Okaaaaaay, then maybe I can talk about how my days are filled with creativity, drawing new patterns and hooking beautiful rugs. But first, I'd have to explain that I'm watching my sister's dog (along with our 5 other pets) and how my elderly dog peed on my sister's dog's bed during the night. I figure it was retribution for said-sister's-dog who peed on a bag of dyed wool that I hadn't put away from my Sauder trip. Wow. Doing laundry doesn't sound very creative. How about gardening? Yes! Gardening; the universal activity. Oops, I don't think so. My rug hooking friend gently told me today that, "Yes, you really should get rid of those rotting zucchini so they don't spread the mold to your healthy zucchini." Oh my.  I'll add that to the list of gardening chores. #1 Move hosta plant that gets burned by the sun every year. #2 Plant new lavender plants where the host used to be so that I can harvest the lavender and use it to keep the moths away from my wool. Oh MAN! I forgot to water the lavender plants again today!

   It's getting late. The kids are in bed. The animals have all been out. My husband is nodding on the couch. Tomorrow is another day...a fresh start...a clean slate...wish me luck!




Posted on August 30, 2016 .